Justice For None

by Guerrilla Warfare

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We are participating in the Christmas For The Kids 2016 fundraiser for families with children in need this year along with a ton of other awesome bands.
Our full EP is available for only $2 @ GWarfareBand.Bandcamp now until christmas. All funds will go directly toward the cause. And if you think our music sucks, buy from another one of the bands on the page! Shoutout to Trae of Bruise for creating this great cause.

Much luv, Gdub.

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released July 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Guerrilla Warfare Louisville, Kentucky

white boys from kentucky that like aggresive rap music

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Track Name: Step Up
I see the way you look away when I look your way.
You haven't ever lived a day cause you're too afraid.
And It's a shame to this day you still turn away.
Say my name motherfucker, say my fucking name.

Motherfuckers who suck up, you can step up.
Inside you're too scared of gettin caught up.
Otherwise shut up, I won't give up,
Because it's time to speak my mind and you know I'm gonna speak up.

Let me at 'em.
Track Name: Pushed In Place
Tell me how you people livin' like that.
You fake a smile, make your money, get fat.
Now I don't wanna be American badass,
I just want you to feel like I have.
Fuck that, been there, done that.
Sick and tired of being pushed like a thumb tack.
Watch your back, and fuck your past.
Futures ahead, you can't compare without a contrast.

Stand down, you're an enemy.
The evidence was always in front of me.
Where is your integrity?
Oh my god you've got to be kidding me.

You've been living for a cause you know nothing about.
You give in to their plan and I'm living without a place to call mine, I said a place to call home.
You get to smile and we die all alone.

Now they say home is what you make it, but mine's a living hell. I've bit my tongue for too long and now it's time to tell. My head is fucking spinning, my stomach's tied in knots. I can't stand it anymore this isn't what I want.

And I almost let it happen to me but I refuse to be a part of your American Dreams.

Put an end to this cruel charade.
Put an end to this life that we've made.
Track Name: Best Laid Plans
You're a fucking sell out, you used to be my friend. You taught me everything I know but left with nothing in the end.
No one ever cared about the problems in your life, so quit complaining about it all you're just wasting your time.
You've got everything i need and everything I want.
You got everything I loved and it wasn't good enough.
What do you see when you look at me.
a fucking mess, predictable.
I'll make you all see.

They come and go, high and low.
Before you had a chance to know.
That stop and go choppy flow.
This that shit that you ain't heard before
Now let's see what we've got in store.

Start from scratch, take it back.
All I wanted was some slack, but that was too much to ask.
Are these words too much to grasp?
Go ahead fucking laugh.
Cause I'm gettin past it
Moving on with my life tryin not to be drastic.
Now you're the one gasping and I'm not there, so guess who's laughing now.

This is what I get for being a friend
A "so long, see you later," never see you again.
I just knew you struggled hard so I tried to make it right.
But still you shut me out every fucking time.

Why do you rely on me cause I've never asked you for a goddamned thing.
I'm giving up giving cause I'm finally living and I'm finally leaving this shit behind.
Track Name: Fives
It all started in his bedroom.
We all thought that he'd be dead soon due to the path that he was lead to.
Thought it was time to finally let loose.
So he went and bought a nine and some shells to put his head through.
Man the world got you so down,
But I still don't understand how you put yourself here 'cause of the choices that you made.
And still you're feeling sorry for yourself now.
Get out.

This madness, we can't escape.
This physical sickness won't go away.
Nothing works this is never gonna change.
I can't believe we let it get this way

Man, what a life, same shit everyday.
Still you feel ashamed because I don't want the same.
Cause I'm not you, I never have been.
Where you getting these ideas inside your head kid?
I'm tired of trying to be like you.
I'm trying to make all the right moves to spite you.
Too many times I've been lied to.
Play the victim all you want but I still know what's inside you.

Addicted, you tried finessing with the system.
All You crystal sniffing punks keep playing it up like you're the victims.
Inhibitions steady hittin with the rhythms of the sickness.
You can't hide in your facade cause I'm a first hand witness.

I'm tired of trying to be like you.
I'm trying to make all the right moves to spite you.
Too many times I've been lied to.
Play the victim all you want, but I still know what's inside you.
Track Name: Break The Chain
Break the chain.

Take control, it's all you know how to do
Why don't you listen for once instead of waiting for queues
All your ideas, they've already been used
Recycled thoughts from a punk who's just stuck in the loop

This isn't right, none of this was meant to be
Everyone's offended by the shit that they see, because they're searching. This what you wanna be known for?
Here's my 2 cents and that's that man, fuck yours.

Break the chain
There's no fucking respect.

I won't stand for this.
Refuse to live like this.
A chain of ignorance.
Among the innocent.
Track Name: Crucify Me
How am I supposed to believe the lies from a crook that you're never gonna be?
You can speak that heat and preach your peace, but you'll never get a motherfuckin dime outta' me.
Money hungry, holy hypocrites, kill em all.
How you getting by with a mind so small?
You talk tall, but never think for yourself.
Crucify what's in your mind and let us all burn in hell

Crucify me.
For the love of God, crucify me.

You're an example of what man can't handle
Ignorance, insanity; it's all just a sample
of what's coming.
The future is a gamble
A product of corruption and a drawn out scandal.
It's obsolete, but still you keep it alive because you're scared of the truth that you're all gonna die
You can't hide behind the message you sell.
"Gimme' all your money or you're going to hell!"

Crucify me.

This open minded youth has got you all trippin out.
You need to open up your eyes and shut your fucking mouth.