High Class

by Guerrilla Warfare

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You're nothing but a pest, an insect with means to infest but I guess it would be best if you
kept my name out of your mouth, cuz when you talk shit I can hear it in my head
But you gotta face reality, this isn't a test. I'm fed up with your bullshit, give it a rest.
Let's see, what do we have left? An empty chest and a mess that's been fuckin' with my head.

And fuck everyone who says I'm something I'm not, you followed everyone else with no second thoughts.
You said be yourself, but when I tried I was wrong. You think I'm a mistake, but I was right all along.

You're just a high class, low life bitch. There's no benefit in seeing you,
it ain't hard to spot the differences in me and you.
And let's be real, I was anything but suitable.
Forever immovable until I see my funeral.

These god forsaken people won't let me live.
What the fuck does it take for them to say they did?
It takes money and fame, and a beautiful face.
You hypocritical people have none of these things.

It's not about the money, it's about not being worthless.
I don't wanna be like you because that's not my purpose.
Everyone around me tries to take what's mine,
but why should I feel bad so you can keep your peace of mind?


released April 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Guerrilla Warfare Louisville, Kentucky

white boys from kentucky that like aggresive rap music

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